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Today’s resolution: Relaxed productivity

3 Sep

When working for oneself, it’s hard to take time off. The home office has many advantages — no commute, kitchen privileges, office dog, no need to wear a bra, among others — but the downside is knowing when to quit working. And, frankly, most of the time I’m on deadline pressure that dictates my working hours. But sometimes deadline pressure eases and I have the flexibility to take off in the middle of the day and go for a walk.

Two Rivers Bridge

Yesterday, my friend Cici (who also works for herself, cicisartshop.com) and I decided to check out the Two Rivers Bridge and take a walk along the River Trail. We felt fortunate to not only be able to leave our offices midday, but also to have such a lovely locale only a short drive away in which to enjoy nature. Today, I’ll have to work in my office to make up for the time off yesterday, but that’s OK. I have that option.

Here are some photos from our out-of-office experience.

A tired runner takes a break in the shade. The young man told us he'd been on the trail for 2 hours, 45 minutes. He assured us that he was fine, just cooling off before heading back to the parking lot.

Surprisingly, this turtle didn't pull his head into his shell when we approached to take its photo.

Now that's a green space... but don't step on it unless you can walk on water.