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Today’s resolution: Let life unfurl, unravel, unroll

23 Aug

“If you escape the narrowness of dimensions/and create a space for all things/to become what they desire to be/you will see the time which is placeless/you will hear what has never been heard/and you will see what has never been seen.” — Dei Hughes, The Rose and the Atom

River walk in North Little Rock (2010/RO)


Today’s resolution: Crime scene investigation

15 Aug

While visiting my friend Laura on Saturday, I tramped out to her backyard to shoot random photos. I do that wherever I go because I find a little photo therapy soothes my brain, which is usually possessed by a fiery word fever unquenched by conversation or anything else to do with words. Words are my life but sometimes they swarm and it’s too much. Images cool the fire.

In Laura’s backyard, I found stands of whispering bamboo in a corner and sideyard and lush hydrangea, hibiscus and potted greenery beside and on the deck tucked into a corner under her kitchen window. Street noise rumbling in the background distracted me but failed to disturb the serenity of the green day.

Happily, I snapped photos as fast as the digital camera lag let me, then …

… I stepped onto the deck, where I encountered a grisly scene. Choking on the bitter black bile of horror, I gazed upon two floppy bodies limp with their eyes staring … staring … staring.

They appeared to have been shaken violently and flung to the ground, then left to lie as they fell. The hard rain of the previous night had reduced them to soggy lumps. It looked like a scene from Toy Story, the one in which we first see the tortured toys.

See for yourself.

Callously flung aside, left out in the rain

Take a closer look.


Can you stand any more?

Keep scrolling.

Splat, splayed

As you can see, my photography was no longer casual, but forensic.

Clues? I looked for clues.

I found one. What do you think?

A suspect?

Here are the suspects. Who looks more likely? They have a history, you know. Laura has recorded their escapades on her blog — thelollydiaries.com. Check it out, then decide.



Today’s resolution: Satiety

13 Aug

“It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty and to make full what is modest; when the sun is at its zenith, it must, according to the law of heaven, turn toward its setting, and at its nadir rises toward a new dawn.” — I Ching, 15, Ch’ien


Today’s resolution: No hesitation

4 Aug

When the time for action comes, the moment must be quickly seized. Just as water first collects in a lake without flowing out, yet is certain to find an outlet when the lake is full, so it is with the life of man. — I Ching, 60

Lily Lake in the botanical gardens, Big Island, Hawaii (2009/RO)