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Today’s resolution: Paradigms reordered

26 Sep

“You will have written exceptionally well if, by skillful arrangement of your words, you have made an ordinary one seem original.” — Horace

Old bricks made in Malvern. (2011/RO)


Today’s resolution: Adjust my hat for the best angle

23 Sep

“Not every man has an obligation to mingle in the affairs of the world. There are some who are developed to such a degree that they are justified in letting the world go its own way and in refusing to enter public life with a view to reforming it. But this does not imply a right to remain idle or sit back and merely criticize. Such withdrawal is justified only when we strive to realize in ourselves the higher aims of mankind.

“For although the sage remains distant from the turmoil of daily life, he creates incomparable human values for the future.” — I Ching, 18, Ku/Work on what has been spoiled

Left hanging at Two Rivers Bridge (2011/RO)

Today’s resolution: Stay, cross or …? My choice.

18 Sep

“Discovering and following our own path is something that is our personal business; it is not something that one person can do for another. We each have to make our own contract with Spirit, rather than existing as an unwitting signatory to someone else’s previously drawn-up contract. …

“When we search for our spiritual path, we need to reassess, consolidate, and recommit our spiritual focus — and check contractual details. It’s alright to change course as we seek the best course to Spirit; it is equally alright to stay where we are — as long as we realize that compromising our truth is dangerous.” — Caitlin Matthews, The Celtic Spirit

Bridge on path between I-430 and Big Dam Bridge (2011/RO)



Today’s resolution: Thrive as an introvert

14 Sep

When I started this blog, I thought I would write about my experiences as an introvert and how I view the world from the introvert perspective … but introversion sometimes slows me down. If you’re an introvert — specifically an INFP like me — you immediately understand how that could be. Being an introvert means always needing a deeper understanding of oneself, others … everything, really, before feeling comfortable with expression.

Introverts are like the light-colored fish in this koi pond. We swim just as well as the others, but are sometimes overshadowed by their brightness. (Hawaii 2011/RO)

So I’ll start small with a quick quiz that can help you identify if you, too, are one of the few, the quiet, the introverted, or if you are more of the extrovert personality variety.

This quiz is from Marti Olsen Laney’s book, The Introvert Advantage  (a must-read for an introvert; really, it’ll change the way you see yourself in relation to the extrovert world).

Laney’s instructions: “Look over the list of key qualities below. Which list feels more like you, or is more like you most of the time? (Not every characteristic on the list will fit.) Answer as you are, not as you would like to be. Go with your first impression.

Qualities A

Like to be in the thick of things.

Relish variety, bored with sameness.

Know lots of people, consider them friends.

Enjoy chitchatting, even with strangers.

Feel stoked after activity, eager for more.

Are generally quite peppy.

Tend to talk more than listen.

Qualities B

Prefer to relax alone or with a few close friends.

Consider only deep relationships as friends.

Need rest after outside activities, even ones you enjoy.

Often listen but talk a lot about topics of importance to you.

Appear calm, self-contained, and like to observe.

Tend to think before you speak or act.

Experience mind going blank in groups or under pressure.

Don’t like feeling rushed.


While you won’t possess all the qualities on either list, one will suit you better than the other. Which do you think is the list for extroverts? If you aren’t sure, ask yourself: “Am I refreshed more often after quiet time or active time?”

If  you feel the qualities in the B list best describe you,  congratulations — it’s likely you’re an introvert. Because introverts are outnumbered 3 to 1 in our society, we often feel like we don’t fit in, aren’t in step with the rest of the world. We’re the group of people described as marching to a different drummer. In future posts, I’ll share some of the skills I’ve developed for living quiet in a noisy world. Until then, remember to not judge yourself based on qualities valued in a world that rewards extroversion.

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Today’s resolution: Worry lightly or not at all

5 Sep

“Worry has written the definitive work on nervous habits. She etches lines on people’s foreheads when they are not paying attention. She makes lists of everything that could go wrong while she is waiting for the train. She is sure she left the stove on, and the house is going to explode in her absence. When she makes love, her mind is on the failure rates and health hazards of various methods of birth control. The drug companies want Worry to test their new tranquilizers but they don’t understand what she knows too well: there is no drug that can ease her pain. She is terrified of the unknown.” — J. Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities

Kona, Hawaii (2009/RO)

Today’s resolution: A fine illusion

30 Aug

“Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.” — Voltaire

Valencia, California (2011/RO)

Today’s resolution: Discover a secret garden

26 Aug

“Stillness will meet you for tea or a walk by the ocean. You must be gentle when you approach her. She is more sensitive than we can even imagine and she does not explain herself much. Sometimes I bring her flowers — not because she needs them (she tends several gardens) — but because I am better able to meet her when I am carrying flowers. Her favorite time is dawn.” — J. Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities

Rose garden, Valencia, California (2011/RO)

Today’s resolution: Appreciate simplicity

25 Aug

“If a time of scant resources brings out an inner truth, one must not feel ashamed of simplicity. For simplicity is then the very thing needed to provide inner strength for future undertakings.” I Ching, 41

The gold-dust day gecko has a simple life in the Hawaiian islands. (2011/RO)

Today’s resolution: Let life unfurl, unravel, unroll

23 Aug

“If you escape the narrowness of dimensions/and create a space for all things/to become what they desire to be/you will see the time which is placeless/you will hear what has never been heard/and you will see what has never been seen.” — Dei Hughes, The Rose and the Atom

River walk in North Little Rock (2010/RO)

Today’s resolution: Satiety

13 Aug

“It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty and to make full what is modest; when the sun is at its zenith, it must, according to the law of heaven, turn toward its setting, and at its nadir rises toward a new dawn.” — I Ching, 15, Ch’ien