Today’s resolution: Appreciate changes

9 Sep

“This has been our way: Spring for plowing and for sowing; Summer for strengthening the crop; Autumn for ripeness and for reaping; winter for consuming its goodness.”Cath Maige Tuired, trans. by Caitlin Matthews

One of a Rose of Sharon's last blooms of the summer (RO/2011)

All summer, I felt trapped in the house because of the heat and humidity. The summer confinement was worse than snow days because it looked so alive out there, the sunlight something to crave even as the ground browned and shrubbery drooped; water dripping from a outdoor faucet bouncing as it touched the dust.

Now the days are invitingly cool as I feel the sunlight wane into winter. I enjoy autumn perhaps more than any other season because it feels like time of rest is near. Even in the midst of multiple projects, I feel a sense of completion.

Every season has its gifts.


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