Today’s resolution: Stones, rolling

27 Aug

Fraught with peril

Yesterday, I took myself and this newly made bracelet to the great outdoors (my back yard) for an impromptu photo shoot.

I carefully positioned the stones on a large quartz rock, then stepped away and squatted on my heels to get the angle I wanted. I had to lean, dip and bob to get myself and the camera situated to catch the light for a usable shot. I’m not a photographer so I’m happy when the photo’s in focus and the color’s true; to me, that’s a usable shot.

So I shot, then waited patiently for the digital camera to rev back up for a second photo. While waiting, I rocked back on my heels.

I overrocked, felt myself going back. That’s when I did the turtle roll.

Instinctively, I curled my spine and as my butt hit the ground, I rolled back, legs bent toward my chest, feet skyward. Rolled all the way to my neck, then let the momentum carry me forward so I could do a little flippy thing and end up on my feet. Pretty cool, especially since I didn’t hurt myself. And no one saw me.



One Response to “Today’s resolution: Stones, rolling”

  1. Cici Davidson August 29, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    Oh, I wish I had been there!!

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