Today’s resolution: Ice cream, maybe mint chocolate chip

27 May

Right, ice cream has nothing to do with this photo. Just seems like a good day for ice cream. Two scoops. In a sugar cone.

I found this shell in my backyard this morning and thought it interesting. Perhaps the empty shell was pushed from the nest, although I doubt it. Maybe these slugs are repurposing the eggshell as a snug little slug house. Or they’re just sliming the inside.

Anyway, this reminds me that birds can be vicious. I saw it in action years ago during a family dinner on the patio. We had just sat down at the picnic table with our plates of potato salad and hot dogs when we heard a series of squawks, plops and splats. Next, we heard violent fluttering and screeching. Feathers floated down. We looked up to see two bluejays fighting in the air. We grabbed our plates and scuttled back from the table. Then we discovered what had plopped.

Three naked baby birds lay limp on the bricks. We couldn’t save them.

Broken (2011 photo/RO)


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