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Today’s resolution: Peaceful wellness of solitude

22 Apr

“I restore myself when I’m alone. ” — Marilyn Monroe

Antique rose on fence, 2011 (Photo/RO)


Today’s resolution: Believe an illusion

21 Apr

Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion. — Voltaire

In the woods at Nimrod, 2009 (Photo/RO)

Today’s resolution, from Simone: Be a friend to yourself

20 Apr

Simone (Photo/RO)

Creature Feature: Help for pets up a creak

20 Apr

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1E, April 20, 2011

BY RHONDA OWEN, Special to the Democrat-Gazette

My dog and cat are getting older and my cat already has a little arthritis, the vet says. I take glucosamine supplements for mine. Does glucosamine help pets too?

Glucosamine as a dietary supplement has been shown to improve an arthritic pet’s mobility and soothe joints.

Although there are scientific studies supporting this, many people who give their pets supplements regularly report they are effective, and more veterinarians are recommending them.

Osteoarthritis affects the joints of cats and dogs just as it does humans. The signs that an animal may have arthritis include difficulty walking, lying down or jumping. An arthritic pet may seem to be in pain when you try to pet him or pick him up.
Glucosamine occurs naturally in humans and animals, according to pet education. com and Cartilage — connective tissue in joints between bones — contains the highest amount of glucosamine, which is necessary to keep the cartilage healthy.

“In a nutshell, cartilage consists of several different cells, one of which is chondrocytes,” says. “Chondrocytes are responsible for synthesizing new cartilage. … Glucosamine provides the building blocks to synthesize new cartilage.”

Normal, healthy animals are able to produce enough glucosamine to keep the joints working smoothly. But as an animal ages or has a joint injury, his body loses the ability to synthesize enough glucosamine. That’s when supplements are needed. READ FULL ARTICLE

Today’s resolution: Clarify motivations

19 Apr

“One should give only what people need or want, and in the way they need or want it.” — Peter Levy, The Flutes of Autumn

Garden angel (Photo/RO)

Today’s resolution: Lighten up

18 Apr

“If you want to be happy, be.” —  Leo Tolstoy

Bwa, ha, ha (2011 Photo/RO)

Today’s resolution: Connect with guardian spirit

17 Apr

“The soul of each one of us is sent, that the universe may be complete.” — Plotinus, Enneads

Lakewood Lake #3, North Little Rock (Photo/RO)

Today’s resolution: No worries

16 Apr

Lava beach, Hawaii (2009 Photo/RO)

Today’s Resolution: Regard intentions

15 Apr

Colorado rocks on the deck rail, 2011 (Photo/RO)

Today’s resolution: Accept trust

14 Apr

Vegetable stand in West Cornwall, Conn., 2009 (Photo/RO)